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140'X240' with Return all Galvanized - $6,999

(Order by July 31, 2014)

Drawing for Tyler Magnus

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Combination Steer and Calf Roping Chutes   |   Roping Chute Electric Latch   |   Roping Chute Scoring Lane

Head/Heel Boxes   |   Head/Heel Pads   |   Sheet Metal Lead-ups   |   Roping Chute Extension   |   L Section

Chute Help™ Roping Chute   |   Steer Stripping Chutes

CRC-100 Calf Roping Chutes   |   CRC-100E Calf Roping Chute Extension

Red River Steer & Calf Roping Chutes

Red River Arena’s steer and calf roping chutes are the longest lasting and heaviest roping chutes on the market. Red River Arena’s steer and calf chutes are both constructed from galvanized 14 gauge sheet metal and 14 gauge steel tubing. Many PRCA cowboys, such as Tyler Magnus and J.W. Harris, have purchased Red River Roping chutes for their practice arenas at home. Both roping chutes come with a 5 year warranty. Ropers have depended on Red River Arena’s for over 20 years for a dependable and affordable roping chute for their personal roping arenas. Red River Arena’s now offers FREE DELIVERY to most lower 48 states! Remember with Red River Arena’s you “Spend Less and Get More”!


The Difference Between "Painting/Powder Coating" and "Galvanized"

Painting/Powder Coating - An organic topping that provides barrier-layer protection. As long as there is no mechanical abrasion of the finish, the painting/powder coating can probably last as long as the galvanizing; but once the coating is damaged and breached and the steel exposed, that exposed steel will rapidly rust.

Galvanized - Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, in order to prevent rusting. This means that even if the coating is scratched or abraded, the exposed steel will still be protected from corrosion. - an advantage absent from paint, enamel, powder coating and other methods. Galvanizing is also favored as a means of protective coating because of its low cost, ease of application and comparatively long maintenance-free service life.

Lifespan Maintenance Comparison Animation

Red River Arenas is Proud to be the Official Arena Choice of the Following:

Combination Steer and Calf
Roping Chutes

Steer and Calf Roping Chutes with extension

Red River Arenas Roping Chute

Don’t let the sands of time diminish your roping chute! With Red River Arena’s all galvanized roping chute your new roping chute is designed to last for many years. Red River Arena’s roping chute is constructed from 14 gauge 2” galvanized square tubing and 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal. The combo steer and calf roping chute measures 6’4” long, 5’ tall, and 32” wide OD and 28” wide ID and weighs approximately 600 pounds. The front gates on the roping chute are spring loaded to open quickly so there is minimal delay between when the steer is called for and when the chute opens. Red River Arenas also features gates on the roping chute so there is a smooth area to keep the steers horns from catching on the gate when leaving the chute. Once open, the front gates lock in the open position to prevent steers from hanging up in the chutes giving ropers a smooth start from the box. Red River Arenas roping chute design includes a solid V-bottom that narrows down to a 9” space at the bottom of the chute to help prevent steers and calves from turning around. Red River Arena’s bi-fold rear gate safely keeps the steer in your chute while waiting for the run and features a chain lock to keep upcoming steers from pushing through. Red River Arena’s roping chutes are designed for one person to operate and can be special ordered with a reverse or double release latch. Red River Arena’s offers a remote opener made by Lone Roper so headers and heelers can rope by themselves without ever having to dismount.


Roping Chute
Priced by Zone (Includes Shipping)

Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
$1,600.00 $1,850.00 $2,100.00

Please call us at (800)343-1026 for more info


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Roping Chute Electric Latch

Remote for Calf Roping Chutes

Remote for Calf Roping Chutes
Add Electric latch to your Roping Chute for $500
Electric latch available for Individual Purchase $540 (Free Delivery)



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Roping Chute Scoring Lane

For both calf and steer.
The offset lane slows the calf or steer down when coming out of the chute.
This Horse Training Roping Chute Scoring Lane is the best scoring lane on the market endorsed by top team roping pros. Sits out in front of your roping chute.

Made of Heavy Duty, powder coated galvanized metal.

$350 (Pick Up Price)
Call 1-800-343-1026 for more info on this product


Roping Chute Scoring Lane
$700 *DELIVERED* to most of the lower 48


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Head and Heel Boxes

RedRiverArenas Head and Heel Boxes are Designed so that horse may not rest on butt bar
and must stand on all 4 legs.

$1,200.00 for the set (Head and Heel Box) or
$600 per box
Call 1-800-343-1026 for more info on this product


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Head/Heel Box Pads

$200.00 (Shipping Not Included)
Call 1-800-343-1026 for more info on this product


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Sheet Metal Lead-ups

Sheet Metal lead-ups are 10' long 5' tall and are covered with 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal up to 30". These lead-ups also come standard with a built in no back block and are designed to make the flow of cattle into the chute easier.

Sheet Metal Leadups available for $699.00

Call 1-800-343-1026 for more info on this product


Difference between
Roping Chute Extension and Lead up


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Roping Chute Extension

Steer and Calf Roping Chute

Extension available for $1,100


Combo Steer and Calf Roping Chute


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  • L Section
  • L-Section is 32" x 32"


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Chute Help Roping Chute

During the past 2 years, a remote operated 12 volt powered roping chute has been developed in parts of Colorado and Texas. It is not limited to roping, but probably the greatest use at the present time.

The front gate remote-release portion is not by any means a new product. However, when the front gate closes after the steer exits, the rear gate opens automatically. The rear gate then closes behind the steer after it enters. The back gate latch mechanism keeps the steer from backing up in the chute. The energy to operate this simple mechanism is created by the animal entering the chute and depressing a platform, in the floor, down 4 inches.

It is very easy on livestock and requires less manual labor. The Chute Help can be placed virtually anywhere and still maintain the convenience of an automatic roping chute. This product has had tests for two years and has had an estimated 20,000 thousand cycles. One of the biggest advantages is that no high voltage electricity or compressed air is required. The Chute Help is available now.

Feature List

  • No Outside Energy Source Required
  • The solar panel extends the life of the 12v battery
  • Energy Saving
  • The Cal Insert Places Calves at the Front of the Chute and Prevents Animal Turn Around
  • Animals leave Platform at Ground Level
  • Sufficient Space Under the Power Platform For Easy Cleanout
  • Easy Front Gate Manual Release, Automatic Front Gate Closure and Rear Gate Opening
  • Free Standing, No Lead-In Alley Securement or Anchors Required
  • 100 Pound Animal Will Operate Chute Sufficiently

  • Chute Help starting at $3600 Pick up. *DELIVERED* to most of the lower 48

    Chute Help
    Priced by Zone (Includes Shipping)

    Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
    $3,950.00 $4,200.00 $4,450.00

    For more info please visit


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    • Steer Stripping Chutes

    • Stripping chute is designed to be able to operate from your horse.
    • The steer stripping chute measures 5'-9" Long, 2'-3" wide O.D. and 5'-0" Tall
    • Steer Stripping Chute available
      for $749 FREE SHIPPING




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    CRC-100 Calf Roping Chutes



    Red River Arena’s all galvanized calf roping chutes are designed to let the calf roper have a smooth, easy practice. Red River Arena’s calf roping chute is constructed from 14 gauge 1” galvanized square tubing and 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal. The calf roping chute measures 4‘ long, 4’ tall, and 14” wide and weighs approximately 300 pounds. The front gates on the calf roping chutes are spring loaded to ensure a quick start and currently release quicker than any other calf chute on the market. Calf chute roping chutes are designed for one person operations and give the operator the ability to operate the front and rear gates from one position. The tail gate on the calf chute is a scissor style tail gate which is easy to open and close and prevents calves from sneaking into the chute during the run. This all galvanized calf roping chute will accommodate calves up to 350 pounds. Red River’s calf chute keeps calves up front and will let you get the start you want, like a rodeo run. You can also add a 12 volt remote release from Lone Roper, 12’ extensions and L Sections to aid in a faster, more efficient practice.

    Calf Roping Chute Available for $675 FREE SHIPPING



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    CRC-100E Calf Roping Chute Extension

    Calf Roping ExtensionCalf L-Section

    RED RIVER Calf Chute Extension and
    Calf Roping L-Section

    Make roping fun and easy with the RED RIVER roping chute extension. Never go chasing down calves again, with the red river CRC-100E you can load multiple calves into the extention giving you time to do what you love...Roping.
    Calf Roping Extension measures 12'-0" Long and 1'-4" Wide and 3'-8" Tall

    Calf Roping Extension Available for $500 FREE SHIPPING



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