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Arena Posts and Clamp Connectors

Why do we need horse fencing posts?
The answer is something we all need to know!

No portable arena can stand up without some sort of post. It's like riding a bicycle- if you quit supporting the bike by peddling you will fall over- sorry but that is just the law of gravity- and if you stretch a long line of panels out without support, it will fall over as well.

Red River Arenas now offers posts for ALL it's arena systems. We offer 2 variety of post for you to choose from. The first is a heavy duty post. These fencing posts are 2 3/8" O, 8' long 13 gauge. The second is a galvanized T-Post. Red River also has developed a fence post clamp to connect your panels to the fencing posts with a quick, clean and strong connection making your arena more like a site built arena.

Not sure why you need post or clamps? Needing some guidance on how to set up your chains, posts, and clamps that you purchased from Red River Arenas? This video includes photos to explain the process of how the post and clamps work with your panels and arena equipment!

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Heavy Duty Post

Arena Posts 01

Arena Posts

Here are some pictures of an arena using the 16' series panels. To support the panels in the arena we have 2-3/8" livestock fence posts that are 13-14 gauge, 8' tall, driven into the ground approx 2'-3'. The galvanized fence posts can be added onto any package that Red River offers.
Arena Posts 02
Arena Posts 03

How to install our Heavy Duty Posts

You will need to rent an air driver for these posts. You will use the air driver to drive these posts into the ground 2-3 feet. Once you get the post driven, you will use a sawzall to cut the top off level with the panel and then place the plastic cap (included in post package) into the top of the post.

Here is a video for reference.

Galvanized T- Post

Galvanized T-Post

Galvanized T-Posts

Posts have high tensile strength for more durability and will withstand weathering and long use. Three studded riveted anchor plate.
Fence clips are not included--CLIPS SOLD SEPARATELY
To view more pictures of Red River's Galvanized T-Post, please click here. The galvanized fence posts can be added onto any package that Red River offers.

Arena Clamp Connectors

For those that are looking to make their roping arena more like a site built arena, Red River Arenas has an exclusive clamping system made just for Red River's arena systems. Each clamp is built for the specific panel that is used whether it be the 1" or the 2" legs. Red River also has "swivel" clamps that are used for round pens or for corners where the arena cannot accomodate the "straight" clamp.

Clamps and PH Series Panels

Pasture Gates

There are two different ways that these panel gates were hung. The first is with overheads. These gates are going to be seeing more pressure so they needed extra support for a sturdy gate. For the arena entrance gates, a single heavy duty post was used. All pasture gate post should be hung with heavy duty pipe to prevent sagging. In these pictures, oil field pipe was used. The gate posts do require some fabrication for installation of the gates.
Arena Posts 04
Arena Posts 05
Arena Posts 06
Arena Posts 07

What do I do if I cannot hang a gate?

If you do not have fabrication experience, and do not want to hire it done, then you need walk thru gates. Walk thru gates are available in 6' thru 10' only. You cannot drive a tractor through a walk thru gate, as it will damage the gate structure. Nor can you get a running start into the arena because it will trip your horse and you will chance getting hurt. Those that do not want to install a pasture gate, but want to still have the ability to drive a tractor into the arena, have been known to just open a panel in the arena and use a small walk thru the rest of the time. And never fear- even though we call them walk thru gates, you can still ride your horse through them!
Posts with clamps and PH Series Panels
WL06 Walk Thru Combo
Arena Walk Thru

Call 1-800-343-1026

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